How It Works

Our Software has two parts:

1. Check your face and determine your color:

By doing a step by step analysis of your face, we can determine your color within the HFA (Homeopathic Facial Analysis) system. This follows traditional practice to determine your Miasm. In simple terms, knowing your color is a key step to help you find your exact best remedy. Each of us has pre-existing genetic dispositions, and this classification allows the selection to be more accurate, and your remedy to act on a deeper level. And most importantly, getting the color right means better long term results. This is somewhat helpful for a short term issue, but is very important for a long term problem.

2. Quick Consult:

This part of the software will guide you through some common health issues that you may be having, and you’ll be able to find a solution in just a few minutes.

How the software works: